Slide 2 - ShowerFloor

"Floorsystem ACO ShowerFloor

The base system consists of a solid frame with individually adjustable bars, mounting plate and point or channel drains. It is the first carrier system for completely tiled shower areas and makes also positive impressions by simple adjustments to all room conditions.

Slide 3 - Passavant

ACO floor gully Passavant - The Original

The ACO floor gully Passavant made from cast iron can play out its advantages over composites materials: Fire protection, Sound protection, Simple installation, Odour protection and hygiene


Slide 4

The new floor lighting system - ACO Light Line Pro

The new floor lighting System: impressive light effects, combined with easy installation, great design, high reliability and long life time


Slider 6 - HF

ACO HygieneFirst – Industrial Drainage

HygieneFirst stands for ACO’s commitment to ultimate hygienic performance. ACO addresses the hygienic requirements of floor drains and applies the design principles reserved for food contact equipment on them to deliver fully hygienic solutions.